Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dog Days

As I was putting together the first post for this blog, I happened to notice this:

I sync with the numbers, 1, 3, and 7 most often; often doubled up (factors of 11) or in triplicate (trinities).  The 5s and 9s circled here are also pretty common for me but not as frequent.  It's actually been a few years since 9 has been on my radar.

Also, 11 and 5 are the numbers most frequently associated with Shiva. 11 is more specifically linked with Rudra.  The name Rudra means "one who howls", and also has been said by some to mean "red".  He is a fierce manifestation of Shiva.  Bhairava, another name for Shiva (also considered to be particularly terrifying), is said to ride a dog as his vāhana (vehicle).  Just yesterday, my son was asking me why it had to be so hot.  So I described how we are in the "Dog Days of Summer", because Sirius, "The Dog Star", is in a certain alignment with the Sun that is said to amplify the amount of heat that is radiated down to the Earth.  I'm not claiming to be an expert on the matter, but that's what I told my son.

This brought me back to a time when I was eighteen-years-old that has always stood out in my mind as a fond memory.  I had given my friend a ride to his aunt's house when I stepped out of the car to find a very friendly, very large St. Bernard.  We became friends immediately and, before I knew it, he had circled around me to run at me from behind.  He then ducked to walk underneath me so that he could stand up at which point he carried me around like a horse.

So, in a nutshell, Shivo'ham.  "I am Shiva!"

I guess that makes me Keanu, too, who also resonates with the Dog Star.  I didn't notice, 'til after I had already typed "trinities", the obvious fact that that is the name of his co-star's character on The Matrix.  And of course, where you have the Lord and his consort, a trinity is implied, right?

Shivo'ham, I am Shiva.  Idam'eva Shivam, indeed this too is Shiva.

(For the record, the 55 photos had been at that number for some time, but the 333rd friend just arrived today, and the number of people on Facebook's chat changed very shortly after I snapped the screenshot.)


Shortly after I posted this, I saw that a friend had shared this photo on facebook:

This is a scene from the movie 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'.  I must have watched this movie a hundred times (also with my son) without ever making this connection because, in the version that I watched, this sentence is translated differently: "Pull the ship toward the left!"

At any rate, this totally resonates with my equating the star, Sirius, to the deity, Bhairava.  Let me break it down for you.  Those red-eyed bug-looking things are called "OM"s in this movie.  Their eyes are red because they have become enraged and are on a rampage. In Hindu cosmology, OM is God in the form of the seed syllable of the entire universe.  The wrathful form of OM is Bhairava.  So this frame is, in a sense, depicting Bhairava and simultaneously bringing our attention to Sirius.

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